Fox and the Hound

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Little known fact about the Fox and the Hound is that the directing animator for the film was none other than Don Bluth. He worked on and directed this film up to 99% of the films completion then he and a several animators did the infamous walk out on Disney. Becase of this he was never was given credit for the work he did on this film. To this day he goes unlisted in the credits as the directing animator. Production date 1981

 Tod the Fox

 Model Sheet of Todd the Fox

 Poor Todd falls in the lake

 Poor Todd falls in the lake

 A happy Todd

 Todd all grown up

 Foxy Vixie

 Todd as a cub

 Todd and Vixie meet

 Todd searches for his friend copper

 Big Mama comforts a sad young Todd

 Rough production drawing of Todd
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