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Welcome to Balto's Animation Gallery. The following is a selection of some of the animation art from my personal collection. I've been collection animation art since 1992. Alot of my peices are from various studios, my favorites being from Don Bluth. Drop me a line if you have any questions about any of my pieces. For now relax and enjoy the animation art from my personal collection.

News & Updates

4/15/2012Added some more Balto animation art.
6/26/2009If you have any questions about any of the pieces you see here feel free to email me anytime. Thank you for those who have linked me. Enjoy the gallery! :)
5/19/2008** My email address: or the Rubberslug feedback doesn't seem to be working.
1/21/2005New All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 cels up! Thank you Backlot Animation! More to come in the future.

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Title Last Updated
Aladdin 2/12/2003
Alice in Wonderland 2/12/2003
All Dogs go to Heaven 5/22/2008
All Dogs go to Heaven 2 12/14/2005
All Dogs go to Heaven T.V 8/13/2005
Anastacia 2/12/2003
Balto 4/15/2012
Brown Hornet 2/13/2003
Carrot Blanca (WB) 2/12/2003
Cats Don't Dance 2/12/2003
Dog City 7/7/2005
Flintstones 2/22/2003
Fox and the Hound 12/14/2005
Gay Purr-ee 3/27/2003
Hokey Wolf (Hanna Barbera) 2/12/2003
Ice Age 2/12/2003
Land Before Time 4/16/2004
Lilo and Stitch 8/7/2005
Lion King 5/16/2006
Lion King 2 2/12/2003
Little Mermaid 2/12/2003
Misc. Cartoons 9/30/2005
Oliver and Company 8/1/2005
Over the Hedge 6/12/2006
Pebble and the Penguin 3/30/2006
Riki Tiki Tavi 12/3/2007
Robin Hood 9/20/2006
Rock-a-Doodle 4/19/2004
Scooby Doo 3/8/2004
Secret of N.I.M.H 12/14/2005
Spirit 2/13/2003
Stay Tuned 2/22/2003
The Raccoons 3/11/2007
Warner Brothers 11/19/2004
Watership Down 2/12/2003
Winnie the Pooh 7/22/2005

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Gallery Created: 9/11/2002
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